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We and our friends

Who are we?

We are the 'Association Festival International de Musique de Chambre Music Les Étoiles du Morvan'. The association (French law 1901) is the institutional organizer of the festival. With the resources it implements, it contributes to the success and continuation of the International Chamber Music Festival Les Étoiles du Morvan.


The purpose of this festival is to enrich the local and regional cultural offerings by organizing a chamber music event with renowned international musicians.


Another goal of the festival is to promote the congregation of the inhabitants of the Morvan and tourists with the musicians.

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Board of Directors:

GERRITSEN, Erik (President)

LEANDRI, Serge (Treasurer)
VERSPAANDONK, Fons (Secretary)

PITERS, Arno (Member)

The festival team:

VAN DE GRAAF, Iteke (General secretary)

VERSPAANDONK, Ad (Executive producer)

PITERS, Arno (Artistic advisor)

VERSPAANDONK, Fons (Artistic advisor)

Why become our friend?

Being a friend means supporting this association which organizes a magnificent festival every year. You associate your name (yours or that of your company) with the Étoiles du Morvan, an international festival of chamber music with an international flair.


You help to achieve the objectives of the association: to maintain the price of tickets at an accessible level and always a high level of programming.

You can become a friend as a patron. If you are a French taxpayer, it has tax advantages for you:


• Individuals: the Finance Act grants our donors a tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of their annual donations within the limit of 20% of taxable income. The share of donations exceeding this limit during a year can be carried over to the next 5 years and entitles you to the same tax reduction, within the same limit.

For example, for a donation of €400, you benefit from a tax reduction of €264 (in this way, for €136 you have created a value of €400 for the association)


To benefit from these tax reductions, simply attach to your tax return the tax receipt that we send you, either after each of your donations, or all at once at the end of the year if you choose regular support by direct debit banking.

• Companies: donations made to the Association Festival International de Musique de Chambre Les Étoiles du Morvan, by companies subject to income tax or corporation tax, give rise to a tax reduction of 60%, within the limit of 0.5% of their turnover. When this limit is exceeded during a fiscal year, the tax reduction may be spread over the 5 fiscal years following the year of the donation, after taking into account the payments made during each of these fiscal years, and without the ceiling (0.5% of turnover for the financial year) cannot be exceeded.

Contact us at to learn more about the possibilities.

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